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How to apply

Interested in Exchange or independent studies at the physics department of Lund University?

You can apply to Lund University in different ways:

1) If you are planning to come within an exchange program, please follow these instructions:

You find information on Exchange at Lund University by following this link:


> Information for exchange students

These are some advice if you are interested in Physics Exchange:


  • We recommend one year of exchange.


  • The first step is to contact your international coordinator at your home university, to make sure that you can validate courses from Lund University when you return home and get information on the application procedure


  • The second step is to register in our official registration procedure -your coordinator will have information on the application procedure, sent out from us each semester.


  • You will find a list of courses in Physics here both a complete list and the ones given next semester.


  • You should have recieved a letter of acceptance a month before your first semester starts. If not, contact Tomas.Brage(a) or your coordinator.


  • We usually do not fill in Learning Agreements before your arrival in Lund. Let us know if you need anything before this!


  • If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Tomas.Brage(a) or other contact person in Lund.

2) If you are planning to study for a Master at Lund University, please follow these instructions:

Here are some important links with instructions and information:


> Information from Lund University


> Information from Physics Department



3) if you are NOT planning to come within an exchange or Masters program, please follow these instructions:

It is possible to study in Lund as a "free-mover" - that is not within any international program or exchange. Many of our courses in Physics are given in English, and we welcome students from abroad.


You apply via the national admission system:




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