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Bachelor's programme in Physics

The undergraduate programme in Physics, which leads to a Bachelor's degree, is offered entirely in English. It starts with a year, common to the Bachelor's Programme of Mathematics, with one semester each of Mathematics and Physics. The third semester is devoted to the "Tools of Science" in the form of Computations, Theoretical Physics and Mathematics. In the fourth semester you follow a selection of courses that describe Modern Physics in general, and Physics in Lund in particular.


The last year you can select any courses, more or less, on advanced level in Physics, or in another subject - maybe Chemistry, Biology, Economy, Languages .... or more advanced Maths.


You finish the program with a 15 ECTS (half-a-semester) of Bachelor's project in one of our research groups or at one of the many companies in the Lund region.


First two years of BSc in Physics

The first two years of the Bachelor's programme consist of


  • FYSA11, Physics 1, General Physics, 30 ECTS
  • Mathematics 1, 30 ECTS
  • FYSA21, Physics 2, Mathematical tools in physics, 30 ECTS
  • FYSC01, Physics 3, Modern Physics, 30 ECTS

Practical information

Information for arriving Bachelor students:


Arrival information


The following document contains information about how to apply to Master and Bachelor programmes at Lund University, including prerequisites and application periods:


> How to apply to Lund University


You will find more information about how to apply on:


> Information about application procedure - Lund university


Scholarship information for international students:


> Information on scholarship (Lund University)


Lund is a popular town, so you must take initiative to find accomodations. Read more on this homepage;


> Find somewhere to live!

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