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List of courses offered in Physics

We have compiled a complete list of courses, offered by the

Department of Physics (DoP):


> List of all courses in Physics (updated June 4, 2014)

Courses listed by department

There are four different departments that offer courses in physics:

> Courses given by Department of Physics

> Courses given by Department of Theoretical Physics

> Courses given by Department of Astrophysics

> Courses in Synchrotron Radiation Physics (at MAX-lab)


Please note that you always need to apply to next term's courses formally - even if you already are a programme student. Apply through:


Application deadline for Spring courses are October 15, and April 15 for Autumn courses. Non-Swedish speakers may find the following booklet helpful:


Instructions for non-Swedes on how to apply for B.Sc. and M.Sc. programmes given at Lund University (updated 2014-03-27)


(This document is for programme applications but it is also applicable to courses.)

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