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Masters programme in Physics

After your Bachelor's degree, it is time to choose a Master's programme. Physics in Lund offers several Master's programmes and opportunities. You will find a list and links to the different programmes below.


Master's programme in Physics - General

If you are not sure what specialisation you would like to have in your Master, you should choose the general physics programme. Its structure is described here:



> structure of Master's programme - general


We recommend that you start with one of the following course packages:


> FYSM01 - Introduction to adanced physics

(if you have a Bachelor in Physics)


> FYSC01 - Quantum Physics

(if you have a Bachelor in another subject)

After that you should select courses among the following:


> courses in physics


you should always be aware of the degree requirements when selecting your courses:


> degree requirements for Master's of Science in Physics


Master's programmes in Physics with specializations


Presently we offer the following possibilities for Master's programmes:


> Physics - General

> Physics - Biological Physics & Computational Biology

> Physics - Materials science

> Physics - Nanoscience

> Physics - Particle Physics

> Physics - Photonics

> Physics - Theoretical Physics


Master's programmes in subjects closely related to physics


Lund university is also offering the following Master's programmes ,within the physics sphere:


> Synchrotron Radiation Based Science

> Astrophysics


General information


If you are an arriving Master's student, we recommend you to carefully read through the general information on the Lund University pages:

> Lund University homepage for arriving Master's students.

You can also find links to practical information, such as course lists and "How to pick the right course" in the list to the left.


Welcome to Physics in Lund!

Practical information

The following document contains information about how to apply to Master and Bachelor programmes at Lund University, including prerequisites and application periods:


> How to apply to Lund University


You will find more information about how to apply on:


> Information about application procedure - Lund university


Scholarship information for international students:


> Information on scholarship (Lund University)


Lund is a popular town, so you must take initiative to find accomodations. Read more on this homepage;


> Find somewhere to live!

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