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MAXC11 Production of Photons and Neutrons for Science

The course Photon and Neutron Production for Science, MAXC11, is given to international undergraduate students in physics during the third or fourth year of their education and the course can be included in a Bachelor or Masters degree.

In the course the students will learn about di fferent types of accelerators for the production of photons and neutrons for research. The students will learn about methods of producing photons with highly relativistic electron beams in combination with special magnets called undulators and the method of producing neutrons by letting a relativistic proton beam hit a target.

The students will also learn about the experimental stations, the experimental methods, and the diff erent kinds of research that can be carried out with neutrons and photons.

The course is given as a part om the Master programme in Synchrotron Radiation Based Science.
The course is a part of the LTH specialization (F) Accelerators - physics and technology
The course is given in English.


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Link to the MAX-lab website:

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More information for students attending the course:

Current information about course literature, lecture notes, exercises, links to articles, etc. is found on "My Course Library". Choose Faculty of Science, course "MAXC11", login and password will be handed out at the introductory meeting.

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