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The students should hand in solutions to 4 selected exercise duties during the course. The solutions can, if needed, be amended by the student after correction of the teacher in order to obtain a correct solution.

The students should give a 10-15 min long oral presentation of a research facility, instrument, or experiment using photons or neutrons. A short report is written about the topic of the presentation. The topic of the presentation should be decided by the student in agreement with the course responsible teacher.

The students should write an approximately 1000 words long hand-in report about the topic of the presentation.

The students should do the home exam that is running over 1 week. The home exam will have 5 questions, each worth 3 points, giving a total maximum score of 15 points. A score of 9 points or better are required to pass the exam. The questions consists of 3-4 questions similar to the exercise questions and 1-2 questions about fundamental relations without a numerical answer. The solutions handed in by the students will discussed during a meeting with the course responsible teacher before the score of the written home exam is finalized.

The students should participate at the study visits.

The students are advised to follow the lectures and exercises during the course but presence is however not a criteria for the examination/assessment.
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